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Queen Taese

The Queen of Black Homeschooling

Event organizers who want Standing Room Only and parents and educators who want Mindblowing Results, you've come to the right place!

Founder and CEO of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Institute. Educator, passion-preneur and homeschool mother 20+ years.

Award-Winning Educator, International Speaker,
and Global Author

Revolutionizing Black Homeschooling to shape Young Masters of Self, Founders of Institutions, Builders of Empires, Passion-preneurs, Melanin Mind Monetizers, and Spiritually Grounded Manifesters of Destiny.

Queen Taese is a global speaker renown for captivating her audiences with cutting edge solutions and a creative approach to building confidence and competence in parents & educators by teaching them level-up tools, strategies, and formulas that ignite self-motivation, raise expectations, increase the discipline and focus needed to actualize high performance, and cultivate passion-preneur children that function wholistically in their divine purpose all within a culturally relevant context.

Start where you are!
Soar beyond your imagination!
Obstacles are Obsolete!
Love the Journey!

  • International Speaker

  • Black Homeschool/Educational Consultant

  • Curriculum Architect

  • Black Homeschool Resource Specialist

  • Dynamic Workshop Facilitator

  • Educator/Staff Developer

  • Youth Entrepreneur Navigator

  • Homeschool Planning Professional

  • mom-preneur & passion-preneur coach

  • Plus more

Multi-dimensional Success
in Black Education
for 20+ Years!

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"Everything that touches your life must be an instrument of your liberation, or you must throw it into the trash can of history.”
– Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Queen Taese has served a greater role for the community than just that of an educator, a caretaker for the minds and bodies of our children, a thoughtful, dedicated opener of their way. Unknown to most, she is a seasoned, well-studied scholar who has held herself responsible for sharing her knowledge of who we are and what we must do to return to a self-respecting position on this planet through evolving forward into that humanity we have always known. Because she understands the nature and depth of her privilege as a student of truth, a truth that requires action in order to stand, she holds herself fully accountable to her self-declared responsibility to disseminate to any who will listen to those timeless, tested ideas and practices which can lead to our wholistic healing.
Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
Educator, Lecturer & Author. Co-Founder of Akoben Institute

"True Education is about drawing out that colorful & vibrant life force within. It's about cultivating the divine purpose in our children to the highest degree of excellence. The universe is our classroom of infinite possibilities. Our culture is our cure. There is nothing more liberating!"
-Queen Taese